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Calendar guidelines

Listing Your Events
Event items will be considered for use in our calendar.

FREE submissions are subject to content and relevancy review and must take place within the Refreshed magazine’s region.

Events Calendar Policy
What is the policy of ads that qualify for the calendar or regular events? 
The Refreshed magazine publishes Christian events free of charge in our monthly “community briefs” section. Because of the popularity of this public service, it is necessary for us to adhere to certain guidelines due to space limitations. We recognize that, due to space, certain quality community events cannot be accepted.

(1) Events must fit within the mission of Refreshed magazine.

(2) Local church events should be specifically for the public at large, and not primarily for regular attendees. For regular meetings, they should also be for the public at large and not primarily for regular attendees. They should not be held during regular church services.

What calendar items would not be used in the FREE calendar?
 The publisher reserves the right to refuse any announcement for any reason, including: All Sunday morning church services or events that do not fit within the mission of Refreshed Twin Cities.

How can I guarantee my calendar or on-going items be listed? 
The only way you can guarantee that your items will be listed is to purchase a display ad. If you would like display advertising information call 1-800-326-0795