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Is the Internet bad for religion?

A new paper draws an intriguing conclusion to a question scholars have wrestled with for several decades: Why are Americans dropping out of church? One reason? They’re logging on to the Internet. Allen Downey, a professor of computer science at ...

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Lessons from the road

My family and I recently returned from our summer road trip through the Midwest and, along the way, I was reminded of some things about my faith, my family and myself. I was reminded that some friends are in it ...

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Answers to your kids’ toughest questions

It’s part of the job description for parents: being able to answer your kids’ questions—all of them. Even the most challenging ones, such as, “Why did grandma get sick for six months and die?” or “Why did that tsunami kill ...

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Debunking those Internet rumors

Have you heard that new patriotic-themed Pepsi cans omit the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance? That President Obama has proclaimed this month to be “International Muslim Awareness Month?” That a study found that Fox News viewers have ...

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  • As refugee admissions drop, fewer persecuted Christians admitted to US
    The number of Christian refugees coming to the United States from the countries where Christians are most persecuted has dropped dramatically in the last two years. That comes despite the president’s pledge during his first week in office that helping persecuted Christians overseas would be a priority for his administration. According to a new analysis […]
  • ‘More Than Funny’ film blends comedy, inspiration
    A prayer Michael Jr. uttered in advance of a stand-up comedy routine changed the Christian comedian’s perception of his purpose. Comedy is not about getting laughs, he noted, but it’s about giving. The epiphany a decade ago in Los Angeles opened for Michael Jr. a world of volunteerism and ministry alongside comedy that birthed the […]
  • Indivisible movie: Would your romance survive this?
    Could your marriage or romance survive the stresses that this film portrays? Any relationship has its struggles, but military families face significant and sometimes unique tensions. Lengthy separation. Difficulty maintaining personal contact during deployment. Death and injury. Battlefield trauma and PTSD at home. It’s enough to drive a wedge between the closest of partners. Indivisible […]
  • China’s suffering widows | Overcoming an intolerable burden
    We say it all the time. Ideas have consequences, bad ideas have victims. Just look at the widows of China. Seven years ago, Mrs. Wu’s husband threw himself into a dam. He’d recently been diagnosed with liver cancer and could not afford to have it treated. He left behind a wife and two small children—and […]
  • Incoming Moody president hopes to give historic Christian school a ‘restart’
    Mark Jobe, the new president of Moody Bible Institute, is no stranger to helping old religious institutions find new life. For decades, he’s helped restart struggling congregations as pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago. Now he hopes to do the same at Moody. Last week, Jobe, 54, was announced as Moody’s 10th president. He […]